Universiti Malaysia Sabah

The Universiti of Malaysia Sabah is one of the major projects Ekovest has undertaken for the Ministry of Education and Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR).

It is a turnkey contract involving design, building and completion of the university which is an important tertiary education center both locally and internationally catering for some 10,000 students when completed.

It has been divided into various Phase

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Phase 1A)

Some of the buildings completed in Phase 1A includes :

  • The Administrative Centre
  • The Kuliah Sepusat Hall
  • The School of Science and Technology
  • Hostels
  • The Sekolah Penataran Ilmu dan Bahasa
  • The School of Social Science
  • The Institute of Ethnography and Development
  • The School of Business and Economy

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Phase 1B)

The works completed within this phase includes :

  • The Library
  • The Student Consultation Centre
  • The Institute of Marine Studies, Borneo
  • The Institute of Tropical Biology
  • The Health Centre
  • The School of Education and Social Development

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Phase 2A)

This is an extension of the Project from Phase 1A and 1B. The additional works includes :

  • The Grand Hall
  • The School of Psychology and Social Work
  • The School of Food Science and Nutrition
  • The School of International Tropical Forestry
  • The Maintenance Centre and Central Storage

Ekovest was awarded the new Phase 2B of this Project (please refer to Current Project).