Solar Panel at Batu Toll Plaza

Kuala Lumpur – DUKE is a pioneer in sustainable infrastructure development and green energy. It has recently obtained approval from Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA) to participate in FiT scheme. DUKE had previously engaged Australia Monash University to conduct an independent research entitled “Green Expressway – Building Road for National Development”. DUKE had on 26th February 2015 submitted the application to SEDA for the installation of solar photovoltaic system (capacity below 425kW) at all three toll plazas along DUKE.

On 9th March 2015, DUKE has succeeded in the balloting sessions by SEDA, among the three applications, Batu Toll Plaza proposal was approved for the solar photovoltaic system. FiT is a power buyback mechanism that allows electricity produced from indigenous renewable sources to be sold to power utilities. The access to the grid is guaranteed under the Renewable Energy Act 2011.

The approval procedures are streamlined and clear. The FiT rate is high enough to enable recouping of initial investment and to earn reasonable profit. The fixed premium price for a specific duration is an attractive investment incentive.