The Learning Beyond Classroom Programme initiated by Ekovest Berhad, which aims to bond the gap between the stakeholders and as part of our contribution towards the community around us, continued throughout the months of August till October, concluding a total of 6 visits to educational and interactive centres around Kuala Lumpur.

In August, together with several volunteers from Ekovest Berhad, the Dignity for Children Foundation’s students visited the KL Bird Park. Able to wander around the largest free-flight walk-in aviary, the children were amused at the wide variety of birds. Moreover, the ability to witness the Bird Show enlightened the children. Seeing the birds do simple tricks, was a mesmerising amusement for the wide-eyed eyes of the children.

A visit to Aquaria in September sparked bright eyes and gleeful emotions amongst the children as they wondered through the indoor aquarium, housed right under the Petronas Twin Towers. Naturally, a world-renowned tourist attraction, the students were led on a guided tour through the aquarium, and were further allowed to wonder around and see the marine animals swimming around unhindered, in the vast oceanarium.

Highlights of the trip were the 90-metre tunnel tank with a moving travellator, whereby the children could focus on the wide array of animals and marine-life, such as the Sand Tiger sharks, stingrays, marine turtles and other sea creatures. Furthermore, a rare opportunity to come into contact with live starfish and bamboo shark at the Touch-pool area proved to be an exciting experience for the children.

A trip to Zoo Negara proved another exciting trip for the children, held in the month of October. Having the opportunity to wonder around the entire zoo, and seeing animals that are, in most cases, only visible through the television or iPad screens, the children particularly enjoyed the experience.

One of the highlights of the trip to the zoo, was visiting the Panda enclosure, to see the two giant pandas, Fu Wa (Xing Xing) and Feng Yi (Liang Liang). The full day of observing the animals, was not only a tiring experience, but delighted the children as they could see up close and personal, animals that they don’t see on a daily basis.

Ekovest Berhad would like to take this opportunity to thank Dignity for Children Foundation for allowing us to conduct our Learning Beyond Classroom Initiative, and hope that the children, as well as the volunteers, enjoyed the different visits and trips.