Arena of Youth offers a programme with a difference. The Arena of Youth was developed as a platform for the youth of Malaysia to express their ideas. The competition sets out a task for the students to develop creative solutions to real – world problems, testing their knowledge and skills of construction and related disciplines to the best of their capabilities.

Ekovest Berhad was involved as one of the external coaches and mentors of the Arena of Youth programme. The Mentoring session involved visiting the schools rolling out instructional programmes with the students during the two (2) hour visit at the school. The mentors assisted and gave support to the students regarding public speaking and their presentation in preparation for the Arena of Youth Competition finale.

Ekovest Berhad conducted five schools visits, divided into five different occurrences (Visit 1, Visit 2, Visit 3, Visit 4, and Visit 5). Ekovest Berhad visited Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Ahmad Shah (SEMSAS) Pahang, Sunway International School, KDU Penang, SMK Ayer Hangat, SMK Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar and SMK Seri Kota Paloh. The mentoring sessions started from 26 February until 28 March 2016.

Our Corporate Team and one of the mentor from Ekovest Berhad, Ir. Chua Soo Kok, Project Director of the DUKE visited the selected schools to deliver presentations to explain what Ekovest Berhad do and how the company works, so that the students receive real-life experiences from people in the industry.

Moreover, the mentor also gave full guidance to the students and helped to develop instructional programmes for them. The mentor helped the students in developing critical thinking skills, presenting them with ideas to help open their minds. When the mentor observed difficulties, they will help solve the problem by bringing in new solutions.

The Mentoring Session was also designed to challenge the students to produce innovative ideas while developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills during the school visit.