The children of the staff of Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur, have always enjoyed free education at the school. With the school’s growth and increase in employees, the cumulative expenditure for this privilege has become substantial.

As a sign of appreciation for the teachers working there, Ekovest Berhad formed the “Ekovest Chinese Education Endowment Project” to support the school in continuing free education for the school’s employees.

As part of the Ekovest’s CSR Initiatives, 62 students were awarded scholarships for school tuition fees and miscellaneous items amounting to a total of RM259,680.00.

Through this sponsorship of the scholarship, it is hoped that the students would continue to study hard, whilst at the same time enhancing their creative ability as a commitment to increase the independent school brand image in the future!

In addition, Ekovest hopes that all students will inherit good habits and moral values, and at the same time, gain as much knowledge and experience as they can in the educational journey. Furthermore, we hope that the students can appreciate and contribute to the society especially for those who need help and assistance.