SEGAR - Segambut Rest & Service Area

Our enthusiasm to deliver innovation and break boundaries has also led to our DUKE Phase-2 being the pioneer to provide direct access to park and ride facilities under the proposed Segambut Toll Plaza, Malaysia’s First Integrated Park and Ride Facility.

Segambut Toll Plaza which is scheduled to open near the end of 2016, will also been known as the “Segambut Rest and Service Area”, or SEGAR as its acronym. It will be a “Park & Ride” facility, which will be able to hold around 4,000 cars. The “Park & Ride” Facility which acts somewhat as a “storage area”, will encourage road users to park their cars at the facility, strategically placed along the outskirts of the city centre and use public transport readily available to travel into this city centre, and thus, concurrently reducing the number of vehicles entering into the city centre. Reducing congestion and to ensure less cars are moving in and out of the city centre, the “Park & Ride” concept is a first, to be integrated within the DUKE Phase-2 plans, which is currently being constructed. To support this concept and to ensure that the facility remains vibrant and provides a safe environment for users, we are also encouraged to provide and promote commercial activities within the area. To ensure that the “Park & Ride” facilities and its surroundings are safe and lively, commercial outlets such as F&B, café’s and mini marts will also be housed within the facility.

This concept is part of the entire masterplan to integrate the transportation system within Klang Valley which includes linking various expressways with the public transportation system. The development pace of which Kuala Lumpur has experienced, and is always increasing, requires these linkages to ensure that the traffic dispersal system is effective and sustainable for future growth.