Konvensyen Usahanita Binaan 2016 (KUBINA)
Apr 14, 2016

About 600 Usahanita and professional women directly involved in the construction industry attended the Konvensyen Usahanita Binaan (KUBINA) 2016, themed "Women Drivers National Sustainability” organized by the Ministry of Works and the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM). KUBINA provides a platform to build intellectual, active discussions, opportunities and business potential, and in addition, allows the participants to exchange ideas and views of the industry. There are many women who managed to prove their 'indispensable' attitude to contribute towards national development.

Ekovest Berhad registered a total of 50 women, namely Project Engineers, Environmental Officers, and Quantity Surveyors, deriving from various departments of the Group to participate during the Convention.  To recognise that gender equality in the workplace, especially in the Construction industry, is still a work in progress, the ability to ascertain that women involvement is a must, is one of the factors as to why Ekovest registered such a large number of participants. 

The women involved were urged to show the advantages of Women in order to enhance their involvement in decision making positions in the corporate sector, especially in public listed companies (PLCs). Minister of Women, Family and Community Development , Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim said this was necessary as the percentage of women directors in the PLC was only 10.5 percent as of August last year. Although the government was committed in any initiative to empower the women, they, themselves need to make greater efforts to improve the self-ability towards the goal. That initiative and drive will be a catalyst towards gender equality in the corporate sector and provide equal opportunities for women to advance in their careers. Therefore, women should make themselves marketable and indispensable and prove they really deserve to be in that position on the basis of merit.

Deputy Minister of Public Works, Datuk Rosnah Shirlin was also present at the event and is the patron of Kubina 2016.  The woman who have a competitive edge and an impressive stature should serve as a catalyst for the success of other women.   Thus, they all should be used as an idol for advancement in any field of endeavour and prove that nothing is impossible for women to achieve success. In the meantime, according to Rohani, a study conducted by Weber Shandwick Global Communications Company found strong company is a company that has twice more women in senior management positions. "However, the index of Weber Shandwick study Gender Forward Pioneer (GFP) found statistically women become senior executives at 500 large companies is still low at just 10.9 percent.” Sweden has the highest proportion of women in senior management by 26 percent while Malaysia recorded a 19 per cent which is the fifth highest country," she said.