Sep 01, 2015

Contribution for Hari Raya Qurban 

In celebration of Hari Raya Qurban 2015, Ekovest Berhad was the benefactor of 15 cows to be donated to several selected mosques and surau’s. We believe that this opportunity acted as a ticket to promoting good deeds and also to create a cultural-related contribution towards the community.  The process for the selection of mosque and surau was based on whether the locations were within our alignments of the DUKE Phase 1 and DUKE Phase 2.  The selected mosque are; Masjid Al-Imam Al Ghazali, Madrasah Hidayatul Islamiah Kg Puah Seberang, Surau As Salam, Surau Al-Taqwa, Madrasah Khairiah Al-Islamiah, Madrasah Al-Ikhalsiah, Surau Ansorullah, Madrasah Al Hijrah PPR Bukit Jalil, Madrasah Rauddatul Mutaqqin, Madrasah Ubudiah Kg Puah Bahagia, Surau Balai Islam, Madrasah Balai Islam, Madrasah Noorul Islam, Masjid Jamiuil Ehsan dan Surau Taman Rowther.