Feb 28, 2016

“Konvoi Berbasikal 1Wilayah Persekutuan” was held on 28 February 2016 at Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3, Putrajaya. As many as 16,647 participants were involved in the event.  Due to the overwhelming number of participants, this was recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) under the Extremely Plenteous Participants of Cycling Event in Malaysia category.  In commemoration of surpassing and managing to gather such a vast number of people in one event, the Certificate from the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) was presented by the Managing Director of (MBOR), Datuk Micheal Teo to Minister of Federal Territories, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor at Dataran Putrajaya, following the event.

Organized by the Ministry of Federal Territories and the Federal Territories Sports Council, the “Konvoi Berbasikal 1Wilayah Persekutuan” included participants from various parts of the community and was celebrated in conjunction with “Federal Territory Day” during this month. Held for the fifth time since 2012, “Konvoi Berbasikal 1Wilayah Persekutuan” program is open free to the public, and especially to citizens of the federal territory. It is divided into two distance categories, namely 10 kilometres (km) and 40 kilometres (km).

Ekovest Berhad was one of the main sponsors of the “Konvoi Berbasikal 1Wilayah Persekutuan”, contributing as many as 15 thousand medals, for partakers to commemorate their participation in the event.  Ekovest Berhad, within its initiative of promoting a healthy lifestyle to all its employees and their families, and to foster positive relationships between employees, registered as many as one hundred Ekovest employees as participants for the event.  On the day of event, Datuk Seri Lim Keng Cheng led Ekovest’s cycling convoy at the starting point.

All participants from Ekovest Berhad received and donned their cycling jersey on the day, with an equal number of participants registering the whole route of 40km, and another group, completing the 10km distance.  Furthermore, the company provided sixty seven (67) rental bicycles for participants that registered under Ekovest Berhad, but did not have a bicycle. All participants recalled that they had an enjoyable time and hoped that more events such as the “Konvoi Berbasikal 1Wilayah Persekutuan” would be held in the future.